Should You Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit?

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While the summer months are often marked with fun, liveliness and activity, the weather can get pretty hot and humid on most days and nights. Without a fully functional air conditioning unit, you can undergo very uncomfortable periods in your home. It is therefore important to have the right air conditioning repair service handy when you run into HVAC issues.

One of the best ways such repair services can help is when you're wrestling with the decision between repairing or replacing your air conditioning unit. This is not an easy decision to make. You're probably balancing between cost of purchase, future usability, the cost of repair, and the reliability of your current unit.

So what factors should you consider when choosing whether to repair or replace your current A/C?

Consider your budget

Of course, the top factor you should have in mind is the cost of replacing the unit versus repairing it. A reputable air conditioning repair service can help you weigh the two options by giving you an honest assessment on the state of your current unit. They can check your filters, fan, air ducts and other factors to evaluate where your current A/C stands. They can also evaluate the benefits of a new unit and how you can stand to gain from replacing your old one.

Any assessment that is carried out should consider the initial cost of the new unit and its long-term operational costs, versus repairing and keeping your current A/C.

What is the workload of your unit?

If your A/C is cooling a large home or a large room, then it is probably working harder than other units that are cooling smaller areas. Consider how long your unit needs to be turned on in order to achieve desired temperatures. If it will need to be on for long periods, a newer and energy efficient air conditioning unit may be the better option for you.

An air conditioning repair service can help you determine what your energy consumption is likely to be, and what your energy saving potential is.  

What type of energy does it use?

There are many different types of air conditioning systems. Some are stand-alone units that are powered by electricity, while others are tied into complete HVAC systems that can be powered by either gas or electric. If your air conditioning is part of a HVAC system, you should weigh the costs between gas and electric systems in your area. Switching to one or the other can lead to significant cost savings and can make the case for replacing your current air conditioning unit.

Regardless, you should consult an air conditioning repair service for additional insights before you make a repair or replace decision.